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PostSubject: Crusier Ops   Crusier Ops Icon_minitimeSun Jan 30, 2011 8:42 pm

cheers We have now have two very successful Crusier ops. cheers



These were from the latest one. Very Happy

It is imperative that you share your fits for crusiers (post them here or corp save them) the directors need those fits so we can pre-fit crusiers and just hand them out for ops.

Also please drop your t1 loot in the sorting hanger in Teo or Egbinger, we need t1 guns (blasters ect) and Balistic missle controls and missle launchers as well

The true meaning of these ops ifs for you to try new things with out the worry of losing your boat. You can do these ops on your own you don't need perrmission. Try doing different roles ie: ewar or fly a crusier or race you never have. Be aware tho Ewar (Blackbirds) should be a given, but thats a serious suggestion not an order. You must insure your t1 boat to make isk.

Sto Lo
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Crusier Ops
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